Musings 1

Reading the news this morning was an exercise in emotional stability. Russian ambassador killed in Turkey. A lorry purposefully driven into a Chriskindlmarkt in Berlin. A killing Switzerland. Children being evacuated from East Aleppo. Donald Trump officially winning the necessary electoral votes to become the president-elect.


2016 has dished out some truly horrifying and jaw-dropping events and I can’t help but wonder if the world has always operated in this way. Or perhaps we were just less aware before. Is it a testament to journalism and globalization that we are now so in touch with the goings-on around the world? Or have things really gotten this bad? There’s a certain emotional exhaustion that I feel I must overcome to read CNN, peruse the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times. Is it worth the heartache to be so well-informed? Perhaps, I’ll let you know.


Honestly, I don’t feel there is even a point to this blog post except for the fact that I feel helpless. I have neither the financial means nor power to affect the positive change I wish to bring about. My actions seem futile against the raging currents  of madness that swirl around me and leave desolate paths of destruction in my memory. One day, I will tell my children about this year– how I sought desperately to understand what was happening to the world I love so dearly and how I felt powerless to do anything. But I am pondering, and I continue to remain informed. For to be ignorant and sheltered would be a folly. Turning your back on news you do not wish to hear or see is childish at best. I’ll think of something, I promise. But for now, I pray for the world.




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