The Feminist Starter Pack

A few weeks ago, I wandered into a bookshop as I am apt to do (something about the siren call of untouched books) and was thoroughly shocked to see the number of books available centered around feminism. Don’t get me wrong – I loved it. But I was surprised. I remember days when trying to get an unabridged copy of Simone de Beauvoir’s Le Deuxième Sexe (The Second Sex) was an adventure in itself. Today, you can find it abridged, unabridged, in every language, with pictures, with ribbons, with cake.

In a way, I am pleased that feminist literature has become so mainstream. It is reassuring to think that the feminist plight is gaining traction – after all, publishers wouldn’t publish such books if they didn’t think people weren’t going to read them.

But there seems to be such an influx on feminist books today and I worry that navigating through and finding true gems can become difficult in an increasingly saturated genre. So in honour of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d share ten of my favourite books. It’s by no means an exhaustive list of the great literature out there, but they’re ten books that I enjoy and often return to. It’s a good starting point if you’re new to the party – it’s the Feminist Starter Pack! I get a lot of questions about the books I’m reading and why, so I hope some of these titles will pique your interest and help you decide where you stand on the topic.

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